What is IRBshare?

A Novel and Flexible Reliance Model:

  • Free to join and use
  • Open to U.S. institutions with a Federalwide Assurance (FWA) +  IRB
  • Open to any multisite study regardless of disease type, funding support, and level of review (expedited or full committee)
  • Avoids duplicative IRB reviews
  • Facilitates faster study start up
  • No additional regulatory burden for the Lead IRB
  • Maintain local IRB oversight while streamlining IRB review
  • Promotes consistency in IRB determinations
  • Promotes transparency and consistency between IRBs
  • Secure IRB access to confidential and proprietary documents

OHRP Acknowledgement Letter (PDF)
AAHRPP Letter of Support (PDF)

What’s New?

  • Nov 16 2015 New project: Promoting Successful Weight Loss in Primary Care in Louisiana (PROPEL) Trial
  • Nov 12 2015 Welcome Clinical Directors Network
  • Nov 10 2015 New project: DNA repair enzymes as determinants of COPD and asthma pathogenesis
  • Nov 2 2015 New project: The Children's Spine Foundation Registry

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Map of IRBshare Participating Institutions

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